Shazam: The Wizard Background

Something great is coming from the DCEU and Warner Bros., the company behind the characters of the popular Justice League and other DC characters particularly Shazam. DCEU is bringing their popular and powerful character in the big screen. Shazam is one of the strongest DC characters to have his own solo movie. One of the actors who will play a great role in the Shazam movie is the good actor Djimon Hounsou and his role would be The Wizard. Hounsou’s record of acting in the movie has gained him to be nominated in the Oscars movies like Gladiator and Amistad. Moreover, he was also seen in the MCU movie Guardians of The Galaxy as Korath the Pursuer. This is like the movie Green Lantern of DCEU which was played by Ryan Reynolds and now lately Reynolds as well played the role of Deadpool from MCU.

This is not familair for most of the people around the world but you can watch this video to understand easily

Omega/Beyond Omega Level: Shazam The Wizard

Fans might get confuse about the latest news of the movie Shazam especially it was revealed in the past that Ron Cephas Jones who would play role of a powerful magic wielder or Wizard who bestow a kid Billy Batson’s (Asher Angel) super power by shouting the name Shazam. Now that the production of the said movie is about to start and it turns out that Jones did not accept the role, but now is for the Hounsou.

Since the Jones was not able to sign up for the role of a Wizard in the movie, Hounsou has been chosen to take the role and he accepted it. Hounsou has been involved in the DC movies in the past like Constantine starred by Keanu Reeves. Hounsou’s role in the movie is Papa Midnite and now he will be working for DCEU for another great movie although his other roles in the past were usually a villain. Regardless of what roles he played in the past, we can always anticipate that Hounsou is very great for his new role in the movie Shazam.

The DC comics reveals that The Wizard has been battling evil entity since the times of Ancient Egypt, the place where magic begun. The Wizard of course must find his successor of his power and he chooses Bills and gives him super power by just shouting the name Shazam. While the movie focuses on the life of the superhero Shazam/Billy, Hounsou also known as the Wizard will play a great role in teaching the kid to use the power in the right way. When the boy shouts Shazam, he then transforms himself into a muscular man with a cape and red suit. Zachary Levi will play the role of Shazam muscular man when the boy transform. It is expected next week that fans will get to see Hounsou as The Wizard. Furthermore the teaser trailer for the movie will be released on July 21 which is also the time for Aqua-Man to be seen as well on the big screen for trailer. So good luck to DCEU for these great projects.

Is DCEU is trying to have a race with MCU? I think it is. While MCU has been flooding their characters in different live action movies, the DCEU is just starting to gather their top comic characters as well.

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