Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Great Movie Anticipated

Fans of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom should prepare for a massive jump scare on June 22, 2018 although in Germany, it will be on June 2 for initial release. We will be expecting a thrilling and scary moments as we are going to watch our favorite good dinosaur and the bad ass killer dinosaur on a big screen especially in 3D iMax. The trailer shows that Owen is now trying his best to release the dinosaurs as he wants to destroy the genetic laboratory which clone a new breed of deadly dinosaurs.

Owen, while holding a gun and releases Blue from the cage speak “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”, then later on Blue is swiping her tails against an elite guard and run doing some rampage in the Lab while other flying dinosaurs attacking laboratory guards.

Since Owen and Blue has a close relationship in the past, there is a certain scene in the movie trailer where Owen is about to be beaten by the deadly huge dinosaur, Blue came to rescue him and fight the said dinosaur. I don’t know if Blue will be dead on the fight or survive, I hope she will live on even until the end of the movie.

Fans are so excited to see the movie because as usual Owen and his friend Blue will work together to save the day. In all honesty, with regards to sizes and strength, Blue is no way can beat a giant predator, but yet she is trying to help Owen to escape and attack the giant predator. By the way this predator can jump high and move quickly whether on land or on the water. Genetic power is now unleash, this means that the test on creating a new breed of dinosaur is successful and the result is overwhelming and the whole city is now in danger. This is because this giant species are so intelligent, can act like a good predator in every terrain. In fact in the trailer, a girl in the scene has no idea she is in a verge of danger because behind her is a giant claw trying to grab her.

There is a movie scene where the predator is on the roof of a house roaring with background of lights under the huge moon. The issue behind this movie is the idea of the rich people who are trying to contain and control these animals. However, the expert declares that they cannot put these dinosaurs in the box and they must go back to the place where they belong. Based on the studies of the expert and deep sea exploration, there was this giant fossil or bone of a historical dinosaur by which surprises the explorer. And guess what, the movie will give us a chill because this giant predator will do some unbelievable act like jumping over bait and that bait was carried by a helicopter. And the helicopter seems smaller as the giant predator opens its mouth devour the bait.

This movie is full of action and jump scare and click here for more information. I think that this movie will be so good that there will be a third sequel. And of course in that time, it will have its new theme. With regards to the casts, they are all fit for their role. We can really expect the best out of these celebrities. The humor will always there and people will have some laughs and shouting or frighten moment. If you are fan of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom then, let’s goes and watches the movie this June.