PayPal for Dummies and for First Timer Using it

PayPal is the most trusted payment gateway very helpful in many ways you can instant transfer you money directly to the recipient’s account or other way around sending money immediately to every bank account affiliated with PayPal. You must have a any credit card or debit card that link with your paypal account in order for you to transfer money. By doing this, this is also a backup measures to your funds and money when things gone wrong and a security measure for your funds without exposing any personal data.

What is the Best Payment gateway for me

But if you dont like paypal there is always some information you to know before switching to another payment gateway here the Best Payment Gateways Reviewed and Compared through this site youll be able to decide which one that fits your needs

The eCheack is also an transfer method but not in instant process. This some sort of check to your account but in an electronic way, it varies 3 to 5 days to process to make the your funds clear. Backup is not necessary for kind of system process.
PayPal Balance is one thing that most people would like to do and this most common of payment form on eBay. Whenever you your purchase something online the balance will be applied first in order to the order to be successful. If no balance at all with your account the payment system will redirect to your credit, a way method to allocate balance to your PayPal, if this is done you are now ready to take the order.

The most common card that you by people nowadays will be the credit card. Leave everything will be charging what your purchase. People would not like to use credit card purchasing online due to hacks and also fraud. Using credit is not a good option in every online transaction. The PayPal doesn’t protect your card and the only thing you can do is contact your company and file a case about the credit card fraud issue.

There are many types of payment that PayPal will cater in a specific categories but it depends on payment system that you acquire. Using the recipient e-mail address the can link up with their PayPal account you can pay them through that. In this method is all secure and easy to use but for sure you will pay certain charges. There are things that you can’t use the method of payment with PayPal which I dont want to mentioned it here you can search it online., and But with money in your PayPal, they will loves that because the more the money you have in your account the more the paypal could have their share.So what are you waiting for find something online where you can get . PayPal doesn’t allow this in there service and it is outside of their rules and regulation. In this part they are very strict and if that happens they ban you for good.

Best Payment Gateways Online

1.PayPal., Inc
4.First Data Corporation
5.BluePay Processing LLC