Shazam: The Wizard Background

Something great is coming from the DCEU and Warner Bros., the company behind the characters of the popular Justice League and other DC characters particularly Shazam. DCEU is bringing their popular and powerful character in the big screen. Shazam is one of the strongest DC characters to have his own solo movie. One of the actors who will play a great role in the Shazam movie is the good actor Djimon Hounsou and his role would be The Wizard. Hounsou’s record of acting in the movie has gained him to be nominated in the Oscars movies like Gladiator and Amistad. Moreover, he was also seen in the MCU movie Guardians of The Galaxy as Korath the Pursuer. This is like the movie Green Lantern of DCEU which was played by Ryan Reynolds and now lately Reynolds as well played the role of Deadpool from MCU.

This is not familair for most of the people around the world but you can watch this video to understand easily

Omega/Beyond Omega Level: Shazam The Wizard

Fans might get confuse about the latest news of the movie Shazam especially it was revealed in the past that Ron Cephas Jones who would play role of a powerful magic wielder or Wizard who bestow a kid Billy Batson’s (Asher Angel) super power by shouting the name Shazam. Now that the production of the said movie is about to start and it turns out that Jones did not accept the role, but now is for the Hounsou.

Since the Jones was not able to sign up for the role of a Wizard in the movie, Hounsou has been chosen to take the role and he accepted it. Hounsou has been involved in the DC movies in the past like Constantine starred by Keanu Reeves. Hounsou’s role in the movie is Papa Midnite and now he will be working for DCEU for another great movie although his other roles in the past were usually a villain. Regardless of what roles he played in the past, we can always anticipate that Hounsou is very great for his new role in the movie Shazam.

The DC comics reveals that The Wizard has been battling evil entity since the times of Ancient Egypt, the place where magic begun. The Wizard of course must find his successor of his power and he chooses Bills and gives him super power by just shouting the name Shazam. While the movie focuses on the life of the superhero Shazam/Billy, Hounsou also known as the Wizard will play a great role in teaching the kid to use the power in the right way. When the boy shouts Shazam, he then transforms himself into a muscular man with a cape and red suit. Zachary Levi will play the role of Shazam muscular man when the boy transform. It is expected next week that fans will get to see Hounsou as The Wizard. Furthermore the teaser trailer for the movie will be released on July 21 which is also the time for Aqua-Man to be seen as well on the big screen for trailer. So good luck to DCEU for these great projects.

Is DCEU is trying to have a race with MCU? I think it is. While MCU has been flooding their characters in different live action movies, the DCEU is just starting to gather their top comic characters as well.

Although this is not that popular why you can always go with blockbuster stuff like the Antman 2 which you can read the review here

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Great Movie Anticipated

Fans of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom should prepare for a massive jump scare on June 22, 2018 although in Germany, it will be on June 2 for initial release. We will be expecting a thrilling and scary moments as we are going to watch our favorite good dinosaur and the bad ass killer dinosaur on a big screen especially in 3D iMax. The trailer shows that Owen is now trying his best to release the dinosaurs as he wants to destroy the genetic laboratory which clone a new breed of deadly dinosaurs.

Owen, while holding a gun and releases Blue from the cage speak “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”, then later on Blue is swiping her tails against an elite guard and run doing some rampage in the Lab while other flying dinosaurs attacking laboratory guards.

Since Owen and Blue has a close relationship in the past, there is a certain scene in the movie trailer where Owen is about to be beaten by the deadly huge dinosaur, Blue came to rescue him and fight the said dinosaur. I don’t know if Blue will be dead on the fight or survive, I hope she will live on even until the end of the movie.

Fans are so excited to see the movie because as usual Owen and his friend Blue will work together to save the day. In all honesty, with regards to sizes and strength, Blue is no way can beat a giant predator, but yet she is trying to help Owen to escape and attack the giant predator. By the way this predator can jump high and move quickly whether on land or on the water. Genetic power is now unleash, this means that the test on creating a new breed of dinosaur is successful and the result is overwhelming and the whole city is now in danger. This is because this giant species are so intelligent, can act like a good predator in every terrain. In fact in the trailer, a girl in the scene has no idea she is in a verge of danger because behind her is a giant claw trying to grab her.

There is a movie scene where the predator is on the roof of a house roaring with background of lights under the huge moon. The issue behind this movie is the idea of the rich people who are trying to contain and control these animals. However, the expert declares that they cannot put these dinosaurs in the box and they must go back to the place where they belong. Based on the studies of the expert and deep sea exploration, there was this giant fossil or bone of a historical dinosaur by which surprises the explorer. And guess what, the movie will give us a chill because this giant predator will do some unbelievable act like jumping over bait and that bait was carried by a helicopter. And the helicopter seems smaller as the giant predator opens its mouth devour the bait.

This movie is full of action and jump scare and click here for more information. I think that this movie will be so good that there will be a third sequel. And of course in that time, it will have its new theme. With regards to the casts, they are all fit for their role. We can really expect the best out of these celebrities. The humor will always there and people will have some laughs and shouting or frighten moment. If you are fan of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom then, let’s goes and watches the movie this June.


Get Ready For Gaston Lagaffe Movie 2018

Hey folks and fans of Gaston Lagaffe our clumsy, unreal lazy, and the office errand and worker in the French and Belgium comic is here in our screen ready for your entertainment for life. And now Lontarin and Gaffophone, has been prepared this special movie and the wonderful comic come to life and kudos to Franquin. We can enjoy this movie this April 4 at the cinema near to learn and to experience a wonderful and very imbalanced world of Gaston Lagaffe.

You will be seeing Gaston and Jeanne having a good day in the office together with their boss who is exploding when tease or victim of the situation from the clumsy Gaston. This is very wonderful to see a beautiful acting and see Alison Wheeler who play the role of Mademoiselle Jeanne and you can be so mesmerize of the looks of Gaston which is played by Theo Fernandez. By the way he is just 18 years old and she is very good at it.

Their custom is exactly comes from the story of the comic and also their thoughts towards each other and their connection to their colleagues. Very colorful and very artistic and it has its own style and very unique and it is very expected that Gaston Lagaffe will be showing a good showing and ideas for practical joke and emotion. The idea of this movie shows that you can admire Gaston on the screen, specifically when he was with a cow while as he was wearing a green sweater it always remind us always back to the information of the comic and now it comes to real people who will make it real just like the comic story. If you think that Gaston Lagaffe is just a nuisance, well think again he is a hero for those who want to develop their best time on the entertainment together with their family. You can enjoy this movie together with your kids and you will have a great time with your kids and friends. You just can’t stop laughing watching Gaston Lagaffe doing some act in the office.

There is a wonder about the coming Gaston Lagaffe on the screen of the cinemas very ideal for those who advocate for the love of animals and his in love for Mademoiselle Jeanne and having fun with friends who are working in the office and make all things get done.


If you want to find some comedy to watch over the weekend you can  choose Gaston Lagaffe one of the best movie to watch  this April, its funny. click here for more info.

PayPal for Dummies and for First Timer Using it

PayPal is the most trusted payment gateway very helpful in many ways you can instant transfer you money directly to the recipient’s account or other way around sending money immediately to every bank account affiliated with PayPal. You must have a any credit card or debit card that link with your paypal account in order for you to transfer money. By doing this, this is also a backup measures to your funds and money when things gone wrong and a security measure for your funds without exposing any personal data.

What is the Best Payment gateway for me

But if you dont like paypal there is always some information you to know before switching to another payment gateway here the Best Payment Gateways Reviewed and Compared through this site youll be able to decide which one that fits your needs

The eCheack is also an transfer method but not in instant process. This some sort of check to your account but in an electronic way, it varies 3 to 5 days to process to make the your funds clear. Backup is not necessary for kind of system process.
PayPal Balance is one thing that most people would like to do and this most common of payment form on eBay. Whenever you your purchase something online the balance will be applied first in order to the order to be successful. If no balance at all with your account the payment system will redirect to your credit, a way method to allocate balance to your PayPal, if this is done you are now ready to take the order.

The most common card that you by people nowadays will be the credit card. Leave everything will be charging what your purchase. People would not like to use credit card purchasing online due to hacks and also fraud. Using credit is not a good option in every online transaction. The PayPal doesn’t protect your card and the only thing you can do is contact your company and file a case about the credit card fraud issue.

There are many types of payment that PayPal will cater in a specific categories but it depends on payment system that you acquire. Using the recipient e-mail address the can link up with their PayPal account you can pay them through that. In this method is all secure and easy to use but for sure you will pay certain charges. There are things that you can’t use the method of payment with PayPal which I dont want to mentioned it here you can search it online., and But with money in your PayPal, they will loves that because the more the money you have in your account the more the paypal could have their share.So what are you waiting for find something online where you can get . PayPal doesn’t allow this in there service and it is outside of their rules and regulation. In this part they are very strict and if that happens they ban you for good.

Best Payment Gateways Online

1.PayPal., Inc
4.First Data Corporation
5.BluePay Processing LLC


For New Viewers Of The Walking Dead Never Expect High

For starters, « The Walking Dead » season 8 along with action will certainly discern it through the last year’s season premiere, which can be considered by many as the utmost gruesome and graphic episode of the zombie episode.
Followers do not have to be mentioned to of how painful it had been to watch Negan bash the living sunlight out of Abraham Michael Cudlitz and also Glenn Steven Yeun within the season 7 opener.
There exists a massive expectancy for « The Walking Dead » season 8 simply because it will as well serve as the 100th episode from the long-running line.

After having a conversation along with Michonne, Rick allows it’s time for you to fight back. Within an emotional final scene, we come across the duo endeavor to the Hilltop along with Carl, Rosita and Tara wherever they may reunited with Maggie, Sasha and Enid. Unbeknownst to Rick, Daryl’s there too having runaway the Sanctuary, thanks to Jesus. Rick informs Maggie she was correct it’s time for you to avenge Glenn and Abraham and the episode ends along with them marching towards the Hilltop’s house, the wheels of vengeance ultimately in action.

Rick reaches his destination back with the peak of the showdown therefore Negan fills him within on what’s been occurring. Rick informs him to consider his stuff and leave, that on which Negan accepts simply after he’s discovered who created the bullet. Eugene confesses and, possessing his life able to escape for now, at the very least, is taken back in the Sanctuary as Negan’s prisoner.

The Walking Dead continues to be probably the most well-known shows on television, getting well over 10 million audiences per episode. Therefore, audience figures did dip via Season 7 showing that several might have gotten fed up with the format.

I believe it may be reasonable to express that followers had been left experiencing underwhelmed through the season 7 promotions. Following the hot ending to season 6, the requirement had been lots of action and also intrigue. Unfortunately, the show appeared to get trapped within a lot of bizarre side stories which didn’t serve the whole. As an alternative, they will only appear to exist as padding to a higher major set piece.

No matter what plan, the teasers with regard to Season 8 appear to claim that the show is going to be hearing suggestions and looking out to right the ship.

Fully extended episodes are getting to be more of an expectancy over a surprise along with « The Walking Dead » this season. Showrunner Scott Gimple states from the extended episodes, « All of us sneakily inform you the weeks time before. Indeed, you will find, every now and then. We have experienced a chance to do that which is already been really fascinating. There are several tales to inform and there are several characters to serve. I believe actually fortunate we’re capable of providing the viewers much more storyline. »



Snapshoot is Safe To Users?

There has been numerous researches done about how exactly far humans should go to punish, humiliate, and also harm fellow human beings whenever they perceive they may be imposing harm anonymously. The most popular of which is the Milgram test. I’ve seen it over and over again: Anonymousness among teenagers results in cyberbullying, pure and simple. Initially when I first looked into Snapchat I believed it had been another experiment, like Chatroulette was. And in fact, I am still unsure if it’s real or if it’s a different Stanford experiment. It may be simply too obviously setup to achieve the trust of young adults while bringing in men searching for porn to become real. It may be easy for a grown man to pose like a 15 year old female on Snapchat. And when it certainly is not hard, you understand that’s what’s taking place.

The amount of views, however, is not really constantly the simplest way to measure Snapchat success, Dallas said. Considering that snaps are usually fleeting and take up the entire smartphone screen, consumers who watch them are usually making time for the content. Making use of Snapchat much more about relationship building instead of growing sales, Dallas said. “It is not about opinions, it’s with regards to attaining that interest,” she said.

Birchbox sends outs snaps which show a behind the curtain look into its office, makeup tutorials and have absolutely previews on products which will be at a later date Birchboxes.

“After you have that trust piled up you are able to take advantage of it for marketing. »

Among Birchbox’s many successful snaps is when it sent a snap story that presented users a sneak peek involved with a limited version of one of its boxes. This initial appearance had been only on Snapchat, and the retailer dispersed the content before it places  out on its some other social media accounts including emails.

Within a current Huffington Post blog by Gary Vaynerchuk, business owner and creator of Vayner Media, 90 percent of your Snapchat fans tend to be ingesting your articles. That’s an amazing stat considering email open up rates are about 25%! End users are usually engaged simply because delivery is actually quick on Snapchat videos. It could be no more than 15 seconds and also it may be happening instantly. A user’s story continues just 24 hours, making a sense of urgency to spread out the app and monitor the content prior to it’s gone. Snapchat additionally complements TV viewing and it is successful as the attention charts. MTV introduced that their own VMA Snapchat story drawn much more users compared to real TV broadcast!


More information here

Steam For Ideal Video Games Store

Steam from the popular company Valve, is bringing in more money considering because of its vast feature like video streaming, social network services, and community features. Steam is among the popular huge platforms provide updates to PC gaming.

As we all know Steam created as a platform for downloading patches for the popular Counter-Strike and other Valve created video games and now has turned into a store which sell variety of game titles, a highly recommended engine for gaming, movie list and many other great service online.

Steam while very popular in their services it has some flawed for instance like troublesome issues, and they have lame customer service if you have any complaint, nonetheless if you are looking for entertainment for your PC then Steam is very great for your wonderful video game. Currently Steam work well on Windows 10, in addition Valve present their Steam user with SteamOS operating system which works on mobile, Mac and their Linux product.

If you want to purchase new release of video games and other updates Steam is the best. Their video games include Reign of Kings, and Final Fantasy 6 and many more. If you want free order, Steam will give you chance to do it and you can have discount. For the huge new releases for the PC, if the publisher and the company are not selling latest video games, then Steam will be the one you can rely in purchasing video game. If you are looking for video games from arcade to hardcore then Steam is the right store which is ideal for PC especially with Windows 10.

If you are looking for legendary and latest and past video games then Steam still the best place to look for. As you can see, steam have thousands of game titles are stored in their library which are available for users.

Although you need to be careful when aiming to purchase unfinished form of video game, considering that this video game are continually growing. In case you want to purchase this kind of video game you may be encountering unpleasant and bugs and many more problems.

Steam even today continually is a very popular platform which provides great video games. To have the great advantage of their services be sure to register to their site and follow their forums, check out the latest updates, and learn their offers. If you are following a video game right now and want to have fun more and more then Steam is here to give wonderful updates for the latest patch and fixing any bugs.



One of the most widely renowned games ever in Shenmue

God alone knows what part this woman plays in the whole affair – she basically just appears in the intro sequence. Mysterious. If you’re a Sega loyalist or even just a computer games fan in general, it’s likely that you already know a fair bit about young Ryo Hazuki and his quest to avenge his father’s death. If you don’t, well – where have you been? Previews and screenshots have been popping up online and in mags for months now, as Shenmue goes for ‘most anticipated title’ honours. What, you want a plot outline?

Well, OK then, but this is absolutely the last time. You are Ryo Hazuki, and you live with your father Iwao, mother-figure/home help Ine-san, and your Dad’s only student, Fuku-san. Your Dad teaches a family style of jujitsu, which makes it all the more surprising when you come home one day to find some Chinese bloke kicking his arse. The man demands that Iwao give him the Dragon Mirror, whatever that is, but when he gets it he kills Dad anyway. Bastard. From here on in it’s your task to explore your local surroundings, looking for clues that will lead you to your father’s murder. You wake up every day at 8:30 sharp, pick up the 100 yen daily allowance Ine-san has kindly left for you, and head out into the astonishingly detailed world of Japan, 1986. Every so often some thug will chance his luck, and you get the chance to take him apart with surgical precision.

Nice. The plot is surprisingly linear considering how much emphasis has been placed on the free form nature of the game. There are indeed literally hundreds of independent Non Player Characters (NPCs) wandering about, opening their shops, chatting to you and each other, and generally being autonomous to an almost scary degree. However, at any one point in the game you will always ask exactly the same question of everyone you meet (« Did you see a black car the night of my father’s death? »), and usually get an almost identical response. Source:

Sooner or later you’ll hit upon the right person, who’ll give you the next plot point, and then you ask about that until you find someone with appropriate information. All the people you speak to are beautifully detailed, particularly the faces which are bursting with character, but unfortunately it sounds like the same man and woman have voiced every single one of them, just putting on odd accents. Not good. Equally, if you don’t talk to every single person at every single plot point, you’ll have some disturbingly large gaps in that ubiquitous notebook of yours.

Oh yeah, and the control system’s clumsy. But wait! Why are we being so hard on it if it’s supposed to be so gosh-darned great? Well, despite the negative points, it’s probably the most addictive game you’ll play all year. Whatever that secret factor in games is that makes you think « just a little while longer… » is present here in spades. The ground-breaking graphics aside, it’s the realistic story-line that will keep you up ’til the wee hours. As huge as Shenmue is, it’s also the equivalent of the first movie in a trilogy. Oh yes, there’s plenty more to come…

What to Buy on Day One?

It’s a frigid October morning. The cold bites at your sinuses, and you stamp your feet to keep ’em warm as you wait patiently in line outside Babbages. At least $300 plus tax is clutched in your chilled fist. But although your PlayStation2 is safely preordered, you know you can’t go home with just a system. Nope, it’s time to hit that credit card hard with our guide to what to get on day one.

Memory Card:

You’re eventually going to need one of these, so you may as well pick one up at launch. The sleek black memory card looks exactly like its gray predecessor but contains 8MB of memory. The file management screen is a little more elegant this time around and saves (so far) seem to be bigger, but since some of them include 3D rendered graphics for icons, that’s hardly surprising.

Extra Dual Shock:

Some ass is going to show up at your house because he or she forgot to preorder their own PS2 and couldn’t they just play yours for a minute, huh? So get a second controller. Already there are at least four good two-player games, including SSX, Madden, Ridge Racer V and probably a bunch of Sony games too. We can certainly attest to the fact that the official Dual Shock is a fine controller. There will be tons of third-party controllers from folks like Nyko, Saitek and Interact too, so by all means test ’em out when you go to pick up your system — they’re usually cheaper than the official Sony models.

DVD Movie:

Dude, you’ve got to check out the DVD functionality. That way you can go some way to helping yourself justify the amount of money you just spent. Naturally The Matrix is a good choice; even if you don’t like the movie, it’s packed with so many extra features that you might not ever get around to watching the actual film. Either that or Patch Adams…


Since Sony is apparently running a stealth-launch campaign, we don’t know exactly what games will be available from day one, but we do have an internal must-have list based on preview copies of games we have here. This is what we want to get on day one:

Smuggler’s Run — Rockstar
Madden — EA
Kessen — EA
Ridge Racer V — Namco
Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore — Tecmo


Take a look at our provisional launch lineup.

Remote Control:

There will be lots of different infrared remote control devices available at launch — all around the $15 to $20 price range. Right now we like the Saitek design best of all, since, apart from the somewhat hideous and giant Saitek logo, it matches the PS2 perfectly — and, more importantly, contains a Dual Shock pass-through. This allows you to leave the infrared receiver and a Dual Shock controller plugged into port one simultaneously. The only drawback of any kind is that the design seems to block the memory card slot for port one, but you can simply plug a memory card into port two and save your games there — it makes no difference for most games.

Sound System:

If you’re planning to use the PS2 as the center of a home entertainment system, we suggest the Boston Acoustics DT6000 as a nice mix of low cost/high performance and, more importantly, ease of use. It has a Dolby Digital decoder onboard, five speakers (including a center channel) and a nice fat subwoofer. It’s also black and matches the PS2 perfectly. It’ll cost 599 of your Earth dollars. Best of all, you can attach it to your PS2 with a single digital optical audio cable. Go here and check it out.

New TV

A surprisingly sad number of readers (including me) are stuck with TVs that don’t have decent AV inputs. Some have only RCA-style stereo and video jacks, while others find themselves cursed with RF co-axial cables only. It’s time for a new TV. It really is. This is a tough time to pick up a TV — with Digital and HDTV arriving slowly but surely. If you’re happy to stick with a conventional TV and want to get the most out of your PS2 at minimum cost, we like the JVC AV27D201.  Aside from the mentioned above, free iPhone 7 is also another one that is good to consider. Read here for more information. It has some cool features, the most important of which is component video in. This type of connection splits the video signal into three parts (as opposed to S-Video’s two) and the result is nearly complete elimination of color bleed between pixels. Combined with a cool component cable like Monster’s (see our previous story), the results are amazing.

New Significant Other:

After 48 hours of nonstop gameplay, the reek from your Dip-Ends will probably drive your beloved away. Might we suggest Tyra as a replacement? (Click for a larger view.)

Tip for Life – Zippers Simple But Very Useful

Zippers can be found on clothing on bags even on foot where the zipper started out as a newfangled closure mechanism for boots and tobacco pouches. The fashion industry didn’t put them on clothing until the nineteen thirties. Some 80 years after the invention of this fabulous fastener an American alliance how was the first to patent azipper like clothing fastener in 1851 but he never ended up marketing it. It wasn’t until 1893 that another American Whitcomb Johnson designed a similar device called a class blocker he eventually hired a Canadian engineerGideon Sundback to simplify the original complex design which had never really taken off in 1917 Judson and son back patented the modern zipper.

Zipper teeth are made of either metal plastic or nylon the fabric part of the zipper is called the tape is usuallypolyester but sometimes cotton or a fireproof fabric to make metal zippers. From the factory feeds a long continuous roll of tape into what’s called the teeth machine along with a long roll of metal ribbon known as flat wire. The Machine cuts off a tiny piece of flat wire forces it through a dye that forms it into a to shape then clamps it onto the edge of one side of the tape. The Machine does all this at a rate of 45 teeth per
second. These zipper teeth are aluminum sturdier zippers are made of stronger metals such as brass and nickel depending on the model teeth can range in with from about 3 to 10 millimeters. The wider the teeth the thicker they have to be workers now feed two tapes with metal teeth into what’s called the joining machine the
teeth interlock meshing the two halves of what’s now a continuous zipper from there it’s into a cleaning machine which first washes. The zipper removing any shards of metal left behind by the tooth cutting process after drying the zipper the machine applies a coat of hot wax. This lubricates the teeth so the slider will glide over them smoothly.

Next stop is the gapping machine it removes a 4 centimeter long section of teeth at regular intervals they later cut the tape at these gaps dividing the continuous zipper into several shorter zippers there are two main types ofzippers closed and zippers of a kind whose two halves don’t separate at the bottom when opened cursed zippers for example these need a part called a bottom stop a thick piece of flat wire positioned at the case of the zipper when you unzip it stops the slider and prevents. To have some separating open and zippers are the kind who’s two halves do separate at the bottom when opened jacket zippers for instance at the bottom of these zippers a machineapplies a clear reinforcements trip this stiffens the tape so that the next machine can apply the pin and box.

The pin is that vertical piece of metal of one half of the zipper that you have to align in the Box on the other halfbefore you can pull the slider to zip up the next machine installs the slider watching slow motion as it opens each gap and hooks a slider onto the track of teeth. The next machine inserts what’s called the top stop a thick piece of flat wire that stops the slider at the top of the track when you zip up all the way the machine then slices the tape at each gap separating the finished zippers.

Plastic zippers are made quite differently than metal ones the tape is the same but the teeth are made from plastic pellets a machine melts them then injects the liquid plastic into a mold that’s the shape of a strip of zipper teeth. The mold cools almost instantly hardening the plastic. The machine then stamps the teeth on to the tape automatically gapping the desired super length at the same time the excess plastic in the middle is remelted. There’s no joining machine to mesh the two halves of plastic zippers workers do this manually so that they can inspect the plastic teeth to make sure they’re well formed an automated machines install the remaining components.