One of the most widely renowned games ever in Shenmue

God alone knows what part this woman plays in the whole affair – she basically just appears in the intro sequence. Mysterious. If you’re a Sega loyalist or even just a computer games fan in general, it’s likely that you already know a fair bit about young Ryo Hazuki and his quest to avenge his […]

What to Buy on Day One?

It’s a frigid October morning. The cold bites at your sinuses, and you stamp your feet to keep ’em warm as you wait patiently in line outside Babbages. At least $300 plus tax is clutched in your chilled fist. But although your PlayStation2 is safely preordered, you know you can’t go home with just a […]

Tip for Life – Zippers Simple But Very Useful

Zippers can be found on clothing on bags even on foot where the zipper started out as a newfangled closure mechanism for boots and tobacco pouches. The fashion industry didn’t put them on clothing until the nineteen thirties. Some 80 years after the invention of this fabulous fastener an American alliance how was the first […]

Next Gen Gaming on a Dollar a Day

With the impending launch of PlayStation 4 (and the Xbox and Gamecube coming right behind), the console war to end all console wars appears to be on the horizon. How are gamers with limited pocketbooks going to get through this war with their wallets intact? G-4RCE has a few simple suggestions that will help next-generation […]

Xbox Tsunami Approaches – The Lull

We are officially in the quiet before the storm. There have been no big surprises, only one game was announced this week — The Druid King — and the week’s “big” news was the addition of MadCatz peripherals to the lineup. However, there have been a few impact tremors coming over the horizon. According to […]

Munch’s Oddysee – The best game for the best next-gen console

So what’s the deal with chicks anyway? They’ll watch Survivor and play board games like Scrabble, but many of them just don’t get the coolness that is video games. What’s not to love about the hot, bone-breakin’ babes in Dead or Alive 2? We may not understand them, but the developers at Oddworld Inhabitants think […]